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Visit the Web site at www.tn.gov/treasury/dc1

  • To request that a new Personal Identification Number (PIN) be mailed to you, or to personalize your PIN2 ­(You may also call (800) 922-7772, toll free, to request a temporary PIN. You will receive a PIN that must be used within 24 hours.)
  • To view your account balance, investment option allocations and
    past transactions
  • To transfer among funds1
  • To change future contribution allocations
  • To obtain investment option information
  • To use financial calculators and tools
  • And for many other options!

Visit www.tn.gov/treasury/dc1 and click “Great-West Access” on the left navigation menu to log on to your account

View Account

  • View your account balance, investment option allocations and asset allocation.
  • Look at your contribution, transfer and withdrawal history.
  • See your individual rate of return.
Change Account
  • Change your PIN.2
  • Transfer among funds.1
  • Change future contribution allocations.
  • Use the Rebalancer and Dollar Cost Averaging tools.3
Fund Choices
  • Fund Overview to view a one-page summary of each investment option
  • Fund Performance to view the historical investment option performance
  • Online Prospectuses to view the prospectus for each investment option
  • Fund Values to view the unit/share fund values for the past 18 months
  • Fund Value Graph to chart the unit/share values
Personalized Home Page
  • Customize your home page.
  • Review important news about your Program or Web site updates.
  • Read financial planning articles from SmartMoney.4

Online File Cabinet®

  • Elect to receive statements electronically.


  • Read about planning ahead, saving and investing for your future,
    and becoming a wise investor.
  • Review general questions and answers about your Program.
  • Use DreamTrackerSM and Paycheck Comparison.
  • Remember to log out when you leave the Web site to protect the security
    of your personal information!

Questions? Call KeyTalk®, toll free, at (800) 922-7772.